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Over the years our directors have worked with 100’s of construction businesses and brands, big and small, local and international.  The Department of Marketing is built on this experience and expertise.

From literature packs, case studies, leaflets, press releases, tweets, white papers, exhibitions, videos, photoshoots and countless websites, we’ve pretty much done it all.  And that’s exactly what the Department of Marketing offers.  To use a bit of industry speak (forgive us this once please!) we’re a fully integrated marketing agency, we do the lot.

We don’t stifle our creativity or limit your expectation, we work with our clients to create, build, launch and develop brands, products, strategy, websites and services.

Yet we also recognise the need for adding value. We’ve sat both sides of the table and understand the increasing pressure to prove return on investment.  We measure your marketing and make it count.

Nor do we hide behind jargon, complicated reporting systems or believe our own hype.  Who and what you see is exactly what you get, an outsourced marketing department. See our services section for an overview.

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"Our name reflects exactly who we are, we’re your marketing department. We work with you, as members of your team, as a department within your business."

Department of Marketing

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