Is your brand message consistent?

20th September 2018

Whenever we start working with a new client, big or small, we always kick-off with a brand review.  We are looking at the usage and most important, consistency.

Time, changes in personnel and agencies and old habits, can all erode a brand’s identity.  Businesses must regularly review how their brand is presented and perceived in the market.

Here are three simple steps to reviewing your brand:

Step One

  • Gather all your literature, stationery and digital branding together and look at the ways in which you are presenting your brand to your customers
  • Are the colours, typography and positioning consistent?
  • Are certain colleagues taking it upon themselves to present how they, rather than the company, think the brand should be seen?
  • Look at email footers and letterheads, invoicing documents and even van liveries, all of these brand carriers should present the same message

If the brand has wavered, it’s time to put step 2 into action…

Step Two

Develop brand guidelines.  This can be a single page with the logo and breakdown of colours (RGB / Pantone references etc).  This is a handy document to share with all members of your team so that next time someone is ordering new signage or PPE, they can advise the designer / printer of the correct logo file and colours.

We often take this one step further and develop variations of the logo for use across different platforms, most notably, social media.  Creating an icon that works within the parameters of your brand guidelines is invaluable for ensuring that all customer touch points are consistent and synonymous with you.

Obviously, there are some brand guidelines which run to hundreds of pages.  We do find it useful to extend the document to include Do’s and Don’t’s, examples of best practice etc.  All of which can be useful references for your team.

We often provide email footers and advise on signature styles as well as designing stationery templates.

Step Three

This is usually the final stage and is often planned in the medium-term, depending on budgets.  It is rare that all the ‘old’ brand will be changed overnight.  In fact, we advise you to use up as much of your stationery and collateral as possible, as long as they are relevant and the information is current.  If they’re still kicking around after six months, bite the bullet and get rid; it’s time to start rolling out the new, refreshed branding.  Brochures, websites and liveries are often the most expensive elements to change but these can be done over-time.  We suggest working these into your marketing budget for the next 12 – 18 months.

So, there you have it.  Three simple steps to bring your business bang up to date.  Take five minutes now to collate all your branded documents, website and social media accounts together, how do they look?


If you need help and advice in bringing your brand into the here and now, then contact us.

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