28th February 2017

Wolf Garten glass showing brand evolution from 1922 - 1997

As marketers, we love brands (or should do!) but as one of your most valuable marketing assets we ask…

• Are you protecting it?
• Making the most of it?
• Managing its development?

Branding the Basics

Key factors for consideration –

  • Have you registered or trademarked your brand so others are unable to use or copy it?
  • Is the registration up to date?
  • Have you kept copies of archive marketing materials with your brand on in case of dispute?

These are all practicalities that often fall between marketing and legal departments but it’s important to know your brand is protected before you embark on its building.


  • Do you have brand guidelines which all those interested parties within your organisation can easily understand and use daily?  For example, is the manufacturing site using the logo correctly on labels, the sales admin correctly using the colours on a business card and the transport team using the latest font?

This may seem obvious but if you look closely, over the years and left unchecked, items can slip devaluing all your hard work.

Evolution not Revolution

If we look back on logos from the 20th century they can look dated and of a time. However, take a recognisable household brand and compare their current logo against those from previous decades and you’ll be surprised by how much it has altered. The changes may be subtle but often there will be a stark contrast.

All brands should be reviewed from time to time; it’s healthy. I usually prefer the evolution rather than revolution of a brand, it allows for continued recognition. If revolution is necessary, do it with careful thought and planning.

Consistency is King!

Think about all your customer contact points; is your brand / messaging consistent?

I visited a website today which contradicted the literature I had next to me! Unforgivable. Be consistent at every touch point and support all your facts.

Consider Platform Registration

Futureproof your brand against changes in media, audience and markets. You may see Instagram as not for you, fair enough but in the meantime, someone else may register your brand name. This platform could be key to your marketing plans in two – three years’ time. Play it safe and register today; their usage need only be secondary at this stage but it’s still a valuable brand asset.

So, apart from colour, typeface and style there are many things to consider when creating and building a brand but remember, whatever you do or don’t do, be consistent!

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