Don’t Forget About Traditional Marketing

18th September 2016

I think that traditional marketing techniques are increasingly being overlooked, especially in the B2B industry. A lot has been written about the ever-changing world of marketing and the seismic shift towards digital but little is out there shouting about traditional marketing.

By any other name
To tie in with this digital gear-change we’ve got a whole new dictionary of terms, abbreviations and lingo but in fact many of these ‘new’ words are simply the original in disguise. Take ‘content marketing’ for example which we all agree is vital for SEO but it’s just ‘copy’ by another name.

The fact that content marketing is an evolution which combines traditional techniques with digital mediums doesn’t really matter. The basic principles of quality and relevant copy still prevail.  The same goes for email marketing versus traditional direct mail, and websites versus brochures.

Cop a feel
In certain markets, construction, consumer durables and gardening products to name a few, customers like the feel of a brochure, to pick it up, flick through it and often, take it home. It gives them a warm feeling; a reassurance about the product and business, something that just doesn’t happen with a digital version.

Of course digital is vital and I am its biggest advocate but please don’t forget that marketing, now more than ever, needs to cover all bases in a consistent and timely manner.

Out with the old…maybe not!
It’s easy for a 21st century marketer to tell his clients that traditional marketing is old news as they don’t want to appear a dinosaur in 2016 but understanding the market, and not being afraid to try a combination of techniques is often more admirable.

So when you are developing your marketing strategy consider all the options. Digital may well be the way forward but sometimes it’s worth remembering what came before…

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