Happy 1st Birthday DOM

12th September 2017

lunch at The Swan

Where did that year go?  We can’t quite believe that DOM has been our life and livelihood for 12 months.  There’s been highs, lows, excitement and frustration – all the joys of running your own business but most important, we have survived and thrived during our first year.  We’re feeling rather proud!

To celebrate, Alan and I decided to ‘do’ lunch at our new local, The Swan in Staunton.

What we drank – 

Alan: Orange juice and lemonade

Holly: Lime cordial and soda

What we ate – 

Alan: Home-cooked ham Ploughmans

Holly: Home-cooked ham with two free-range fried eggs and chips

What we talked about –

Our first year in business

What we’ve learnt – 

  • Many of our ‘lessons’ have been non-marketing related, from signing a lease to negotiating on services and furniture, to arranging public liability insurance
  • We have stayed true to our goals but (as many advise) we now appreciate that a business plan is a flexible document, not to be buried in the filing cabinet
  • That holiday periods have to be endured…or adopt a ‘can’t beat them, join them’ mentality
  • Don’t take any knock-backs personally

The highs – 

  • We have an office in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside
  • Gaining a healthy mix of non-competing clients
  • Being our own boss and making decisions
  • Showcasing some of our work on our website and enjoying the thrill of seeing a printed brochure, new website or a stand design come to life.  It’s why we love what we do!
  • Sharing our industry musings on our blog and then getting comments on them when we meet people in the flesh, so rewarding!

The lows – 

  • Learning that not every networking event and exhibition is going to be fruitful
  • The summer holidays – we never thought they lasted that long!  Good riddance to voicemails and out-of-office emails (until Christmas!)
  • When new business leads ask for your help but then disappear into thin air…we’re yet to understand this one

What’s next?

Like any young company we must drive new business, but having built up a healthy client portfolio we are enjoying seeing the fruits of our labour – from supporting one client in securing the biggest contract in their 30 year history to guiding a project client through their first industry exhibition.  We hope the next 12 months will bring growth – both in business and head-count, and we continue to work with like-minded businesses, people who want practical marketing help for the real world.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us during our first year in business.  

To better understand our ‘journey’ check out our three month review blog.


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