Five Marketing Tips for SMEs

31st May 2018

Department of Marketing services

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of marketing or an old-hand; it’s always worth going back to basics and focussing on the marketing tools that work best for you and your brand.

Here are the Department of Marketing’s top five practical marketing tips for small – medium businesses.

  • Have a marketing plan to sit alongside your business.  Without one you will not only waste money but will waste time.  It should be in your business plan but even if it’s on one sheet of paper, make sure you have one.

TIP: set a budget somewhere between 2-8% of your turnover, depending on the business.

  • Treat your brand as your most valuable asset. It’s not just the logo but the whole customer experience. Think about all points of contact, from social media to emails.  Register all your brand channels as trademarks, directories, local search etc.

TIP: above all else be consistent!

  • Digital marketing is vital in today’s world but building a website is a small part of that story. You may have the best website but just like a shop in the middle of nowhere, if no one knows where you are, they won’t find you.  Think about the promotion of your site and allocate funds to promote your presence.

TIP: plan your website with the future in mind – make it future-proof.

  • Maximise your PR potential.  You probably have a lot more to say than you think.  Good PR is cost-effective, both locally and nationally.  Use trade magazines alongside video, blogs and social media to tell your story to the people that matter.  Use the best photographs you can afford – they can make or break a PR opportunity.

TIP: get your clients and customers to share their images with you.

  • Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business.  Make sure you utilise the full mix of email marketing (yes, even post-GDPR it is still effective), direct marketing and telephone services.  Exhibitions are a great way to gather leads and also create brand awareness.  Above all else, whatever you do set aside time for you or a member of your team to actually follow the leads up.

TIP: keep your system simple – the conversion of an enquiry is often down to the quality of the follow-up procedure.

Need help developing your marketing strategy or planning the remainder of the year?  Then get in touch.  We have over 35 years’ experience in helping people maximise their budget and reach the people that matter.

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