Keep social media relevant

5th December 2016

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Often the job of running a company’s social media is given to either a) the person who spends their life on Facebook or b) someone in IT who knows exactly how Twitter works but hasn’t a clue when it comes to content, return on investment (ROI) or relevance to your market!

Social media is more than just a way of communicating with your customers; it’s a promotional tool, a sales tool, a PR dream, a means of advertising and increasingly, a go-to for customer service feedback and reviews (the good and the bad!)

Social media advertising
As a business, we believe social media advertising has huge growth potential in 2017.  It’s a form of targeted advertising that’s surprisingly cost effective when compared to pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine optimisation (SEO).  Facebook, for instance allows you to be incredibly specific, targeting customers by age, location and interests.

If you’re a local business with a small catchment area consider a short-term trial, one that can run daily, be tweaked, and then be re-trialled.  You will soon get to know and understand your customer demographic, their behaviour and social media likes and dislikes.  Re-marketing is another good way of attracting this type of audience but social media platforms are a definitely a cost effective starting point!

Vital statistics
Before you get out there and start launching yourself at millions of people online consider a few important factors…

  • Are you attracting the right audience?
  • Are you posting relevant content – relevant to both your company/service and your followers
  • Are you posting at an appropriate time of day?
  • How has your social media performed in the past; what worked well, and what didn’t?
  • STUDY the statistics and work out your ROI (if possible).  Beware the person who simply boasts you’ve gained more followers! There’s so much more to social media stats than more or less people.

There are plenty of easy-to-use online tools which allow you to generate and track this kind of information. These same tools are also rather clever at highlighting relevant groups/conversations/threads, keep you up to date with industry talk and even suggest what you should be saying and when you should be saying it.

Be relevant
While engaging, relevant content is key, being on the ‘right’ social media platform is crucial.  Every business and market is different.  Through experience with one of our clients we have discovered that Facebook is perfect for its local customer base while another, with national reach and targeting high-end contractors, LinkedIn is proving the most valuable platform, and Facebook is irrelevant.

At the end of the day, social media is constantly evolving, so don’t be put off…have a go.  Try different platforms and features.  See what works best for you and your business and don’t be afraid to step away from those which don’t suit your business model. It’s better to do one thing well…

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