Make your gratitude count

10th August 2016

We live in a world where, on a almost daily basis, we receive auto-responses, email signatures, alerts and text messages all purporting to be grateful for our email/order/loyalty/follow/connection.  I think we’re losing our personal touch.

The Next (Auto) Generation

I’m not alone in receiving the auto-generated responses thanking me for following, and often requesting me to also like their Facebook page.  There’s nothing wrong with this, and fundamentally it’s good marketing practice, a follow is after all merely a touch of a button often pressed on a whim.  But why don’t we dig a little deeper and be less frivolous with our gratitude?

Gain from your gratitude

Say thank you with insight.  Use a tool such as Buzzsumo to find out how influential your new follower is.  Do they warrant more than your auto-generated response.  Or perhaps they they have more clout on a different platform, a follower on Twitter may make a valuable connection on LinkedIn for example.


Talking of LinkedIn…having logged on the other day I received a pop-up to tell me that three of my connections had endorsed me and would I like to thank them.  In the years that I have been using LinkedIn I have only ever been thanked once for endorsing someone’s skill and I’d rather they hadn’t bothered.  To receive an auto-generated response feels half-hearted.  It’s worse than not being thanked at all.

To endorse is to ‘declare one’s public approval or support of’; it is a reflection on the endorser (me in this instance), on their standards and on their professionalism.  I endorse with consideration not just a tap of the finger.  To receive an auto-generated thank you is meaningless.

Let me know what you think…

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