Marketing isn’t One Size Fits All

26th October 2016

construction marketing

As our company grows we’re coming across a surprising number of businesses who adopt a one size fits all approach to marketing, with little or no distinction between their audiences.

One market, many audiences
Construction is one market but it encompasses a wide range of sectors and audiences. We believe that you cannot treat one audience the same as another; you shouldn’t communicate with a consumer or homeowner the same as you would a housebuilder or architect for example. In fact, even a housebuilder of social housing should be approached differently to a private new-build developer.

Why is it so important? Because it’s all about how you are perceived as a business or brand. Understand your audience and the nuances of a sector and you will earn a reputation for expertise and professionalism. Get it wrong and it takes time and perseverance to gain credibility.

Speaking the right lingo
Getting it right often comes down to the language you use to communicate with your audience and being in the ‘right’ place with the ‘right’ product.  Taking a look at traditional trade magazines can be a good starting point. Each sector tends to have a handful of dedicated magazines, study them and you will quickly see the difference between the reputable, high-quality titles and those just in it for the ad spend! The language will be different, the messages will be more targeted, the projects and topics focussed and even the products will be market specific in some instances.

Servicing the sectors
In order to take advantage of the upturns and downturns across the construction market many building product manufacturers have extended their offering from say, trade to consumer and vice versa.  To help service these sectors appropriately some larger businesses have invested in dedicated sales teams; one for social, one for private build, one for trade etc.  We appreciate this is a luxury but by appointing an ‘expert’ salesforce you are one step ahead.

Be distinct
By appearing in the right industry titles, attending niche exhibitions (be aware, some are better than others!) and employing a specialist salesforce you cannot be accused of being a Jack of all trades.

So, take a minute to study your literature, marketing collateral and PR…if it’s all just ‘noise’ with no distinction then you’re probably not giving your customers the respect they deserve and the information they need…you could be losing valuable contacts and leads.

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