Move over Digital Marketers

18th April 2019

The marketing department is having a revival.

The last few months have seen FMCG brands such as the Co-op close their digital marketing departments.  In their place, the good ol’ marketing department has had a resurgence.

To many outside of the industry, this may appear to be so-what, an inconsequential change in the creative world but, in fact, it speaks volumes.  Change that’s going to reverberate throughout B2C and ultimately, B2B marketing.

All Change

I think we can all agree that marketing has changed out of all recognition in the last 10 years.  We have more tools than ever before.  We can reach further than many thought possible.  We have influencers who were barely out of nappies in 2009…

But what else has changed?  Fundamentally, nothing.  Marketing is still marketing.  No matter the tool, platform or latest niche, the principles of marketing remain the same.

So, why were we so quick to tag the word digital onto everything? 

Special but not Specialist

Going back, we were simply a marketing department.  A collective of knowledgeable, trained and experienced marketers who had an overall view and controlled the budget across all areas including TV, exhibitions and packaging. 

Yes, of course, marketing departments will always require the support and expertise of outside specialist resource such as PR, photography and design, and digital comes into this but we must remember that digital is a cog, not a wheel.

Holistic View

There are numerous reasons as to why marketing should be viewed and managed holistically, not least the cost benefits.  To disseminate strategy, budget and decision making across multiple marketing roles would dilute the impact and has the potential to damage your brand.  By working as a collective, regardless of specialist skill or commitments, your marketing will undoubtedly be more effective. 

So as we bid goodbye to dedicated digital marketers, departments and agencies, I urge all businesses to review their strategy and ask themselves, ‘are we using the right tools for the job’? or succumbing to modern marketing trends?

I look forward to the return of the general marketer, someone that embraces the new and still has time for the tried and tested!  But most importantly, a role that views marketing as a whole.  It’s about time we were championed!

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