Analysing – Leads or Likes?

25th January 2017

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Last week we attended a Chartered Institute of Marketing seminar on the importance and impact of reporting.  A lot of talk was around social media and what exactly businesses are trying to achieve by posting, sharing, pinning and liking.

The comments and feedback in the room was revealing; all marketers to a greater or lesser extent, their reasons for ‘doing’ social media varied wildly.  Some, because they felt they must stay relevant; others, because their client said they wanted to be seen on [insert platform]; and every reason in between.

What was overwhelming though was the concern of the amount of time it took.  Those who felt they must have every channel covered and be tweeting three times a day, increasing likes and adding more followers were exhausted by it all.  And therein lies the rub.  Where is the value in spreading yourself thin and focussing on vanity stats; likes and followers?

Four Factors for Making Your Social Media Count

1 – Why Commit to Social Media?
Ask what you are trying to achieve by being on a social media platform?

• Brand awareness / recognition
• Generating leads for your business or service

If it’s neither of these things then don’t waste your time, resource or marketing budget!

2 – One Platform Doesn’t Fit All

Some social media channels will work better for you than others.  FACT.  Especially when you consider B2C versus B2B audiences.  Concentrate on the platforms which offer the best return on investment.  For some that may be Facebook, we have found customer centric businesses benefit here while LinkedIn is great for longer term lead generation and larger businesses wishing to extend their reach.

But how do you know which is best for you?

3 – Analyse It
Don’t underestimate the power of website analytics; they tell you far more than loading speed and ranking.  Google, for instance allows you to see which of your social media channels refers the most people directly to your website.  In monitoring the web traffic from each platform, you can quickly see which channel is performing best, and consequently where to focus your efforts.  Don’t be afraid to stop using/to delete a social media platform.

4 – Monitor Engagement
Building a relevant audience is vital to a successful social media presence.  One way to ensure a healthy and appropriate audience is to engage with them.  Monitoring engagement will let you know what content is working, and more importantly, what isn’t.  It will also give you an insight into your audience…if they’re not engaging, are they the right type of follower?  Or, is your content not hitting the mark – try different types of content from videos to GIFs, blogs to images.

Monitoring your competitors can also prove invaluable.  See what or how you perform against them; what stats are they looking at and how many influencers do they have that you don’t.

• Don’t be fooled by vanity stats
• Your social media should have purpose and reward

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