What makes a successful client/agency relationship?

19th July 2016

Working with a marketing agency is like any other relationship in your life, it needs investment – time, money and effort.  In supporting your agency you will be rewarded with opportunities, loyalty and a team prepared to go above and beyond the call of  duty.

Here’s a few pointers to set you off on the right foot…

Understanding your business

We can’t stress enough how important it is that your account manager/team understands what make’s your company/customers/clients tick.   Give them a tour of your company, send them out on the road with your sales team…whatever it may be, it’s about integration.

Introduce your account management team to the people that matter

We have witnessed agencies struggle to deliver results and under perform simply because they have not been embraced by the very people that appointed them.  An account manager who know’s where to get the answers, the people who can be relied upon in a crisis and those who understand the true meaning of a deadline, is an account manager who can do you proud!

Include your agency

Your marketing agency needs to be ingrained in your business to better understand and promote your business.  Invite them to the next sales meeting.  Give them a slot in the next board meeting.  Send them on your team building away day…get them involved.

Let your agency do their job

Remember that you are employing experts and you are paying for their expertise.  Don’t let personal opinion, habit or an individual get in the way of progress.

Trust your agency

This is a mutually beneficial relationship.  Make a success of this and everyone’s a winner.  Trust your agency to do a good job.

…But don’t be afraid to ask questions

Just because they’re the experts doesn’t mean that you can’t challenge them!  Asking questions will improve your relationship.

Spend your budget wisely

Similar to the above, your marketing budget is a valuable resource which, in my experience, has to be justified; make sure it is being spent wisely.  Don’t be pressured into doing something simply because the agency has the man-power and resources.

Report Generation

You shouldn’t need to ask for reports but if none are forthcoming ask yourself why.  Analytics, performance measures and data are just a click away; marketers have never had it so good when it comes to report generation.

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