22nd August 2017

Roofs of London

One news story causing a stir in the building and construction sector recently was Tesla’s move from automotive into roof tiles!

For those less obsessed with industry news and unaware of this radical gear change, Tesla (they of the uber-expensive electric cars) has launched a new product line – solar roof tiles.  Customers can order their Solar Roof from the Tesla website, worldwide, with installations starting in the US this summer and outside of the States, in 2018.

Tried & Tested

I believe Tesla is trying it first on its employees’ homes, much like they did with the Model 3 car, and Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and CEO, has them on his house.  The company claims a typical roof will cost an average of around £16.80 per square foot, that’s reportedly less than the cost of a conventional roof system over its 30 year lifespan.

In the US, the Tesla Solar Roof has received a class A roofing product classification which will no doubt reinforce the credentials and speed up its wider use.  With some US cities pushing for rooftop solar power, mainly in California, this will undoubtedly see other states following suit.

So is the UK ready to change from the traditional roof tile to a solar version?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts…

Marketing Makes The Difference

One thing’s for sure, product innovation, triggered by changes in building regulations and Government policies will continue apace, and British building product manufacturers need to bring their A game if they’re to compete with the likes of Tesla.

But innovation aside, what separates one product launch from another?

Marketing, of course!

Often I hear marketing described as ‘colouring in’ but this example proves the true value of ‘proper’, effective marketing – Tesla’s Solar Roof was planned, developed and launched with an extensive marketing team.

Product is one of the four ‘P’s for a reason.  In this digital age, it’s worth remembering the cornerstone of marketing – Product, Price, Place & Promotion!

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