The Customer Experience

12th October 2016


A lot has been said about how, by the end of the decade, people will value or buy an experience over material goods.

With experiences now intrinsically linked with happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment where does that leave us as marketers? Take building products for instance, how does this desire for experiences and creating new memories impact on how we market these items?

Creating the feel-good factor

Showrooms, exhibitions and trade counters are all places where you connect with your customer. They are also ideal spaces for creating that ‘experience’.

When a customer walks into your showroom for example what is their first impression? What does the display tell them? Is there any literature or is it all online? The space needs to appeal to the senses, it should be an experience for all the right reasons.

Tips for a positive customer experience:

• Create a well organised space
• Maintain your showroom – keep it neat and tidy
• Make sure your staff look the part! Are they well-groomed and where possible, wearing a uniform.
• Go the extra mile – add a coffee machine, we know the smell of coffee works as part of the purchasing process, plus a drink may keep the customer there for longer!
• Keep your customer toilets fresh and clean
• Is your literature the same quality as your workmanship?
• Is your business card up to date? No handwritten scribbles
• Keep the experience going long after they’ve left the showroom – after-care, follow-ups etc

The list is endless but remember, that at each point you connect with the customer make it an experience worthy of your business, product or service. Embrace the retail experience…

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