Tips for finding the right marketing agency for you

2nd August 2016

Having worked client side for many years I’ve received more emails and phone calls from agencies than any other external supplier. I’ve sat through numerous pitches and presentations; listened to editors, journalists and bloggers as they bemoan their latest agency experience and more importantly, I have been the client; I understand the frustrations and challenges. Choosing a new marketing agency isn’t all cocktails and creativity, it’s often extremely confusing!

So how do you choose the right marketing agency for you?

Relevance to your market

Your agency needs to understand your market.  I don’t mean sector specific necessarily but an appreciation of B2B versus B2C marketing is critical.

Meet your account manager/team

How many times, me included, have you awarded business to an account director only to be passed to another member of staff in week two?Make sure you meet the people you will be working with.

Top Ranking

Will you be important to the agency?  It is always worth asking who else is in the agency portfolio and where you fit in?  Also consider whether the agency has competing clients on its books.  While they say that they remain impartial or that this makes them ‘industry experts’, one client will often be favoured over another when it comes to exclusive opportunities.

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

Being offered a drink has become a basic indicator for me over the years!  I remember when I visited my very first agency…I can still smell the coffee and even better, taste the pastries!!

P.S. Maybe it’s not about selecting a new agency, why not benchmark your existing one…food for thought!

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