Three month review in Sensory & Rye, Hereford

21st December 2016

Sensory & Rye coffee Christmas brunch

When there’s only two of you in a business it’s hard to know whether the Christmas ‘do’ is really your thing.  Alan and I compromised and decided to ‘do’ brunch at a new urban eatery in Hereford, and review our first quarter…

  • Where we went…

Open for just three weeks, Sensory and Rye is a new urban eatery offering artisan coffee, craft beers etc in a former butchers in the cathedral city of Hereford.  Minus a website, the restaurant has poured its marketing efforts into social media – the Sensory & Rye Facebook page already boasts 846 likes and followers!

  • What we thought of the building / refurb…

A mix of industrial, organic and rustic.  Modern, stylish and above all, relaxed.  We had ‘office’ envy.

  • What we drank

Alan: Americano

Holly: V60 drip coffee

  • What we ate…

Alan: Rye bread, avocado, tomatoes, poached egg and bacon

Holly: Sourdough, mushrooms, poached egg, bacon and white bean gazpacho

  • What we talked about…

Our first three months in business…

The highs

  • Landing our first official client, and a few more since 🙂
  • Alan was invited to be a guest speaker at a Santander business event
  • The support of family, friends, ex-colleagues and former clients.  Their advice and kind words have made all the difference
  • Feeling like the Department of Marketing is a success

The lows

  • Realising just how much other people used to do for you.  Back in corporate land there was someone who looked after IT, HR, accounts…now it’s down to us.  We slightly underestimated how long these things take and just how much admin there is to do!
  • The knock-backs and the no responders
  • The waiting-game

What we’ve learnt

  • You must have thick-skin and not take rejection / criticism personally
  • We know who we are  and we’ve refined our elevator pitch!
  • That at least one person at a networking event will think we are either a) part of the university, b) work for the Government or c) we’re the official body for marketing (which of course we are!)
  • That we were right to take a leap into the unknown.  People do want practical advice and they want industry experts
  • Our ‘department’ ethos is working.  People are responding to our unique approach and it’s really caught their imagination
  • That not every networking opportunity will work

Looking forward to 2017…

  • Building and managing stands at two diverse industry exhibitions
  • Several new websites to build and promote
  • Proving the power of social media advertising to our builder’s merchant client
  • Holly is excited about raising awareness of two of our ‘light under a bushel’ clients with PR and editorial features
  • Meeting and engaging with new contacts, clients and former-colleagues
  • Fingers crossed for good weather in Q1 as we have a long list of installations and sites to photograph!

We wish all those who have liked, followed, shared, commented and contacted the Department of Marketing over the past three months a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Thanks to Sensory & Rye for hosting our very low key Christmas brunch.  We’ll be back in the New Year for sure.

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