Your Website Needs YOU!

21st November 2016

How many websites do you visit where the latest news is 3 years old and the twitter feed had one random post eight months ago. It’s not exactly encouraging, is it? In fact, it brings into question the quality and validity of the site’s content and technical data.

A website is a living thing; it needs tending, nurturing, feeding and refreshing.

Fresh = Organic
A poorly maintained website doesn’t just reflect badly on your company and brand but it can be hazardous to your search engine ranking.  Google (other search engines are available!) trawls your website; it is looking for fresh, authoritative content – new posts, downloads, pages etc. This fresh, high quality content boosts your websites organic ranking.

Window shopping
Your website is your company’s shop window so change the display regularly. Give your customers a reason to come back, make content interesting and highlight what’s new. This includes imagery, don’t underestimate the power of good photography.

In an image obsessed world, the quality, subject and style of your pictures can transform your site and ultimately, your brand. Google also places a lot of emphasis on its image search so be sure to tag and provide alternative text for any uploaded images.

This may all sound rather daunting and time-consuming but it could trigger your next lead or encourage repeat business.

Exploit your content
If you or your PR agency are writing regular content this can then be used to supplement your social media.

One case study can be edited into 10 tweets for example, each with a link back to the case study in full on your website. Snippets and soundbites can be regularly broadcast to boost your activity levels; social media is after all, another google plus-point for those all-important rankings.

Reap the benefits
So, don’t build a great new website and believe your job is done. Become a web gardener; tend to it, nurture it, allow it to grow and then reap the benefits!

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