Practical Tips for Boosting Engagement and Reach on LinkedIn Company Pages

Alan Calverley

by Alan Calverley
Published: 18th May 2021

Practical Tips for Boosting Engagement and Reach on LinkedIn Company Pages

With over four million company pages on LinkedIn, it is no surprise that the platform has become the preferred business social media site.

So how should you create a strategy and plan for LinkedIn success?

  • Ensure that the company page looks the part.  Follow brand and style guidelines, where possible.  Use up to date photography and select images that are different but complementary to those used on your website.
  • Be loud and clear.  Briefly describe your business in the title and summary.  People need to know, quickly, what it is that you do.  Make it obvious.  And be sure to tick the most appropriate category for your business type.
  • Complete all the sections.  LinkedIn is intuitive so be sure to focus and complete all the sections including location, contact details, market etc.  Also, be sure to check it regularly – it’s amazing how often details on social media are left to drift when a new office / factory opens or you move premises…
  • Showcase Pages is a particularly good section.   Listed under Affiliate Pages from your main LinkedIn page, this is a way of highlighting specific content and engaging with your audience.  Useful for case studies – often well-read and valuable content.  

So, your LinkedIn Company Page is sparkling and engaging, now time to post some content…

  • Post regularly.  But how often?  Well, the most important factor here is how often can you sustain.  Consistency is key for building and engaging with your audience. Around once/twice a week is good starting point, with high-quality, relevant content.  It’s widely stated that LinkedIn recommends posting 20 times per month, so on average one post per business day but we believe this maybe too often.  Unless of course, you are running a campaign, launch or event, in which case a short-sharp burst of multiple posts a day is justified and won’t be too annoying for your audience!
  • Make your posts engaging.  Encourage engagement by asking questions or adding links to additional content / website etc.  But above all, be relevant.  Topical posts are always well read.  Where possible, add/tag in customers or other users of LinkedIn.
  • Check in regularly.  While many of us have our emails and phones synced for notifications, it’s important to check-in regularly.  Are there any comments you need to respond to?  Treat this as you would any other customer service query – a professional, timely response is invaluable. 
  • Employee engagement is critical.  We appreciate it’s not always easy to get your employees onboard with sharing corporate messages, but it can have real impact on the reach of a post.  Get them to share (not just ‘like’) the content – you can Notify them (use the button) to boost the reach of important posts.  It does also help at this point to make sure they follow the company they work for!  Also, it works both ways – re-share your employees’ best content and recognise them with personalised posts / shout-outs.

LinkedIn has changed.  It’s no longer just a job-hunting platform.  It’s something that every business should engage with.  It doesn’t replace face-to-face chat (when we can!) but it does promote new connections, conversations and leads while increasing brand awareness.

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